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Some of the facts and reasons to tint your windows.

  • Heat is reduced, less heat penetrates into the vehicle.
  • Metalized window tint is more effective,acts like a mirror
  • Glare is reduced by the density of the tinting
  • Interior fading is reduced 98% UV rays are filtered out
  • Strengthens the glass. Film helps to hold the glass together
  • Privacy limits visability inside vehicle
  • Scratch resistant

  • We carry a wide variety of colors and shades of window tints
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    0% Tint

    51% Tint

    35% Tint

    20% Tint

    08% Tint

    PRO SHIELD Clear Protective Shield

    Proshield is a made to order clear protective film that is designed to protect a vehicle from road debris and scratches.
    1. 1. Front kits - May consist of one or all of the following pieces: bumper, hood and mirrors
    2. 2. Skid plates - All 2 or 4 door jam skid plates
    3. 3. Rear bumper - custom cut rear bumper (Prevents from scratching of the bumper while loading and unloading the trunk)
    4. 4. Door guard - All the edges of the doors (A must to keep unsightly chips off the edge of your vehicle doors)
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