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Contractor Grade Bedslide
This all-new design answers our customers demand for a worker's grade BedSlide. Available in most commonly used work truck models. The Contractor Grade touts the following extra features: 4 more bearings, reinforced steel framing, powder coated finish, TufDec decking, rubber mat, and 4" aluminum side rails and headboard. Designed with the builder in mind, the Contractor Grade is great for anyone who needs a little extra abuse-resistance.

Bedslide XL
EXT sport utility trucks (SUT) has combined the luxury and convenience of an SUV with the practicality of a pickup. These trucks usually come standard with a hard tonneau cover making cargo, sports equipment, and groceries difficult to retrieve, until now! We have designed a special product called the BedSlide XL that makes retrieval safe and convenient. Fully extended, the XL will hold up to 1000 pounds.
Standard Bed Slide
The bedslide is what every pickup bed needs. It comes fully assembled, installs easily and quickly, it's rugged, very affordable, and includes a 5 year warranty! There are currently two models available: the Carpet Deck and Weather Deck.

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